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Thin Stone Veneer



There are several green aspects to Natural Stone Thin Veneer from Montana Rockworks. Because thin veneer stone weighs, approximately, 75% less than full-thickness stone, diesel fuel efficiency is sharply increased. Not only does thin cut stone allow for more efficient fuel consumption but over time it will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, by equipment and over-the-road transportation vehicles.


Because of its weight, thin veneer requires less structural support. This means less lumber and less concrete to produce, ship and install, in order to support a natural stone veneer. As a result, there is a lower demand on our most widely used natural resources.


Natural stone is a very low-maintenance veneer. Once the material is completely installed, little else is needed to maintain the stone over the years. No need for paint, sealers, or harsh cleaning products. This eliminates off gassing from toxic materials, adhesives or finish.


From architectural design, to shipping, to installation, thin veneer is a product that offers fantastic economic benefits. An architect doesn’t need to spend extra time making allowances for a stone veneer, when Natural Stone Thin Veneer is being used. Square footage on each shipment increases significantly, driving down transportation costs by almost four times. A mason can install far more material, on an hourly and daily basis, when using thin veneer. Of course, no need for making allowances for full thickness, less time installing the product and decreased shipping costs, all mean less money out of the homeowner’s pocket.


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