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Stone Cutting Tools


We recommend Trow & Holden Stone Cutting Tools. A few tool sets are shown below, but single tools and other sets are also available at The Quarry

Visit Trow & Holden's website, then call or visit The Quarry to order the quality tools you need for your trade.


Hard Stone Hand Carving Set
This set features carbide-tipped chisels, which will keep their edge and last many times longer than steel tools. Use them for hand carving in granite, hard marble or anytime you're looking for improved performance in your stone carving tools. SET INCLUDES: 1/2" CT Point, 3/8" CT Chisel, 1/2" CT Chisel w/teeth, 3/4" and 1-1/4" CT Mallet Head Chisels,Tool Pouch and Your Choice of Hand Hammer--1-1/2lb. Square hammer (10" handle) or 1-1/2 lb. Round Hammer (6" handle).


Trow & Holden's New Carbide Masonry Set includes three of our most versatile stoneworking tools. The carbide-tipped Stone Buster, our newest hammer, gives you a splitting tool and a striking hammer in one tool. Comes with a 16" wood handle or substitute a fiberglass handle for an additional $12. The 2" carbide-tipped blade Mason's Chipper is perfect for light trimming or a squaring stone. The steeply angled blade and beveled carbide tip make it easier to see your work. The 1" stock carbide-tipped Hand Point will be the workhorse of your tool set. Use it to rough out and remove high spots, which will help extend the life of your wider-blade carbide tools. Includes a Trow & Holden T-shirt.
Be sure to select Blade Style and T-Shirt Size from the options above. The optional fiberlass handle is an additional cost.