The Quarry


You can never have too many options when it comes to designing your outdoor living spaces.

Mutual Materials


With embossed edges and natural colors, Old Dominion pavers reproduce the essence and feel of turn-of-the-century cobblestones. Old Dominion includes three patterns: Old Dominion Circle, Old Dominion Fans, and Old Dominion Squares & Rectangles. Old Dominion Circles make it easy to add a circular patio, fountain, or other feature to your outdoor living space. Old Dominion Fans are designed to be used either alone, or in a continuous, interlocking pattern. Old Dominion Squares & Rectangles include three sizes, and can be installed in unique, random patterns. Use the three styles alone, or combine them for truly unique, interesting pavements using full and half circles, sweeping curves, fans and and traditional cobblestone patterns.


Paleo pavers give you the look of old-fashioned cobblestones, with the reliability and strength of concrete. Paleo pavers are textured to resemble natural stone. Paleo includes four sizes that are used to create random patterns. Use Paleo to give your outdoor living space timeless, classic beauty.


With its square dimension and shot blast finish, Manor Square pavers allow for the ultimate design versatility and can be combined with other pavers or architectural slabs to create designs unique to your lifestyle.


Tumbled for an old-fashioned appearance, Roman Cobblestone pavers add character and beauty to any outdoor space. Roman Cobblestone pavers can be used alone or in combination with any of our other pavers. Roman Cobblestone is ideal for patios, walkways, driveways and other projects.

Belgard Hardscapes

Dublin Cobble Combo

The legendary charm, strength, and nobility of Ireland can be found in Dublin Cobble. Created with Belgard's patented "antiquing" technology, Dublin Cobble provides and earthy, natural stone appearance that complements any setting - from traditional to contemporary. Turn your home into your own private retreat with Dublin Cobble ... and create some legends of your own.